Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Cheese and Honey Topped Crackers

I'm not a big fan of blue cheese.  I think blue cheese can be too funky for my tastebuds.  However, I used to be strictly against blue cheese.  That was until I had some at a Steak House restaurant.  I still don't like most blue cheese's, but now I have opened a taste for some of it.  For today, I have found a great way to eat some blue cheese.  My husband and I went to a grocery store where they had us try blue cheese samples on crackers.  I noticed mine had honey on top.  I found that the honey was a great way to cut that funk you get from blue cheese.  I had gotten this blue cheese for another recipe but didn't get it all used up.  I thought it would be a good idea to find another way to eat this blue cheese.  This recipe is so simple, you don't really have to transform any ingredients.  Some of the best recipes don't use a whole lot of ingredients and don't need to be messed around with a lot.  This recipe is just a good idea for a snack, especially if you find yourself not knowing what kind of snack to make in a pinch for guests.  I wasn't going to mention this one but I was so excited to find a way to get me to eat blue cheese other than with steak.  Enjoy!


Ritz Crackers
Blue Cheese

This recipe is so easy that anybody can do it.  You put your desired amount of cheese on the cracker and then add a dab of honey to each.

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